The Shetland Fact Files |

The Shetland Fact Files

The Shetland’s earlier name was Zetland, which comes from the Norse name for the islands, Hjaltland. The population of the Shetland is around 23,000. Even though the Shetland lies close to the Arctic Circle (around 60° N), it is nowhere as cold as many other places that lie around the same parallels. Thus, Shetland’s climate is much milder when compared to Helsinki or Alaska or Leningrad.

From the northern tip to the southern most point, the Shetland measures around 70 miles. Its land area is around 567 square miles which is bounded by a coastline of 900 miles and at no point is the land more than three miles from the sea. Thus the sea dictates the life of an average Shetlander and fishing is one of its most important industries.

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