The Shetland |

The Shetland

The Shetland, a ruggedly picturesque group of islands, is located in a relatively undiscovered north western corner of the UK.

Although the archipelago has over 100 listed islands, only 15 of them are inhabited. This makes it a perfect getaway for the discerning tourist who is looking to spend some quiet time close to nature. Shetland’s appeal lies in its very remoteness. The locals, true to Scottish form, are charming, warm and hospitable.

The town of Lerwick (the capital and the only town in Shetland) itself does not lack for any modern facilities having restaurants, clothing shops, garages, hotels and B&Bs that are more easily available than they are in many other places in UK. Every year more and more people travel to the Shetland and come away with the realizaton that the place warrants more than just one visit.

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